Hall of Fame


Inaugural Class Inducted November 2017

The IGEL Board of Directors gathered among a cast of the program's luminaries on a crisp evening in Atlanta to induct the inaugural class into the newly-established Hall of Fame. These three honorees are IGEL giants whose marks on the program are indelible, and their contributions indispensable.

HoF_Honoree_Gallo Susan Richardson (IGEL '09) nominated the late Barbara Gallo (IGEL '07), who served as board chair from 2012 to 2013 and mentored countless members of the environmental community across Georgia. A few years ago, IGEL established the Barbara Gallo Memorial Fund which allows more individuals to experience the IGEL program, and helps expand the network of collaborative leaders. Barbara's tireless dedication to improving the health of the state's natural resources, as well as her impact on the lives of many others, made her a most fitting lead inductee. Barbara's husband, Tom, accepted the honor on her behalf.

HoF_Honoree_StriplingBob Rolader (IGEL '10) nominated Charles Stripling (IGEL '07), whose singular, steady optimism has been the driving force of the program's Albany session. This session provides a unique hands-on learning experience for IGEL participants, especially those from the Atlanta metropolitan area. Without Charles, many IGEL participants would not get the in-depth look at how Georgia's complex agricultural industry impacts and is affected by environmental issues that arise across the entire state, or the south Georgians who call the farms in Albany home.

Robert Ramsay (IGEL '13) nominated Will Wingate (IGEL '11), who's responsible for the corporate sponsorship program. Will joined the Board of Directors shortly after his graduation from the program, at a time when IGEL's funding from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources steadily waned, leaving the Board to fundraise that which was historically covered by a much bigger organization. When it became apparent that the financial support of families and friends couldn't close the gap, Will invested countless units of his time, talent, and treasure to create the latest arm of IGEL fundraising - of which corporate sponsorships now represent the largest share.

IGEL is immensely grateful for the contributions of these alumni; without their steadfast dedication, IGEL as we know it would not exist.